My Visitor: Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

The Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) is a small songbird from North America, a species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae).

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What’s Up?

Happy Days…

It has been  a few days of doing many things at home and about. To start, it was my birthday and five days later it was Tyler’s birthday.

For me it’s just like any regular day but I couldn’t stop Lucy and Tyler to bake me a cake and blow one candle at breakfast time. It was good to have only one candle on the cake otherwise if we had the real number we could’ve incurred into a unstoppable blaze!

For Tyler things were much different, he had a birthday party at school with his classroom friends. He came home with some birthday gifts and happy for he had a lot of fun. He also went out to the movies with some friends. He was happy about that too. I grilled some delicious meat for Lucy and Tyler, he loves to eat hamburgers! Lucy and I love flank steak and I grilled a mean supper delicious piece…I’m drooling on my keyboard now!

Before Tyler’s birthday I painted his room and we rearranged it with new furniture, he loves it ! He’s acting very mature now…he says! After all he’s 7 y.o. now!

Although I had a great deal of fun, doing many great things around the house and inside, I had to wear long sleeve shirts for the reason of some nasty poison oak on my right arm. I’m well now but I felt very uncomfortable while the poisoned skin was affected.

My birds have been very active because the weather has improved to a point of ideal for plants, grass, flowers, trees etc. Everything is green and colorful my shrubs are looking their best, also my trees. All these favorable changes make me happy! The bird families  in my backyard  have increased their numbers and all look full of health!

These are the birds that accompanied us during our birthdays!


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I will not blog while on vacation starting  Saturday April 1st ’till Saturday April 8th …day I’ll resume blogging. 

I’ll be on vacation with wife Lucy and son Tyler (I bought him a new camera!)

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What’s Up?

“the birds”

Now we are very close to Spring, not by looking to the calendar but just looking at the birds, I see more birds and the variety has increased too.

I’ll tell you what happened last Friday morning, Lucy (my wife) was out walking with our friend Bonnie (neighbor) like they do every morning. I was in my office  at the computer doing some work, it was fairly cool outside but sunny at the time. My office has a large window (3 panes) with blinds open just enough to get the room illuminated, since I use the computer and hate light reflection on the screen. Suddenly, it just got dark and a familiar sound could be heard outside. It took me less than a second to realize what it was and ran downstairs to go outside but bumped into Lucy at the door, she was panting to catch her breath because she had ran home  to tell me about a gigantic (her words) flock of blackbirds going around… and our friend Bonnie got scared by it, she had never seen that before, also mentioned it was scary like the Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”. 🙂

Meanwhile, the birds took off flying all together in just seconds! I had no chance to take pictures or anything. That’s alright… maybe next year.

I remember, a few years ago something similar happened this same location, also a large flock showed up! The difference was I had my camera ready at the time and I was able to get some interesting shots.

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