Portraits of Birds – Red-winged Blackbird

Redwinged Blackbird  (F) – agelaius phoeniceus

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V.I.B. Gallery – Red-winged Blackbird


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My Visitor: Red-winged Blackbird

Redwinged Blackbird

The Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) is a passerine bird of the family Icteridae found in most of North and much of Central America. It breeds from Alaska and Newfoundland south to Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, Mexico, and Guatemala, with isolated populations in western El Salvador, northwestern Honduras, and northwestern Costa Rica. It may winter as far north as Pennsylvania and British Columbia, but northern populations are generally migratory, moving south to Mexico and the southern United States. Claims have been made that it is the most abundant living land bird in North America, as bird-counting censuses of wintering red-winged blackbirds sometimes show that loose flocks can number in an excess of a million birds per flock and the full number of breeding pairs across North and Central America may exceed 250 million in peak years.

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What’s Up?

Big Guns…

These birds ( See photos) are the “big guns”, because they come to my feeders continuously and act like milling machines! They consume  great amount of feed daily!

There’s a lot of activity in the backyard bird wise. Many birds stop by for a meal, and there are the locals that hang out or bring seeds to their nests. Last week was  a rainy week followed by some pleasant weather and then turn hot. This season is very favorable for the vegetation in general, my lawns, shrubs, trees hedges etc. look so healthy and strong. I’m happy for that!

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