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What’s Up? – A small sample of Spring

A Small Sample of Spring…  

I wrote this post on: Feb.7th, 2018                

The past week we had a teaser two days samples of Spring, on which we had sunshine and  semi-warm days (Low 60º F). The sudden new energy of seeing bright and warmer days worked on me, also, was inviting for my avian friends. Those sunny days inspired me to sit behind my camera and wait for birds to appear…my plan paid off! I had the opportunity to shoot photos of a variety of birds. (See photo gallery)

I set my birds up, cleaned their feeders and filled them with plenty of seeds and water,  then little by little the birds showed up! That was really rewarding.

Today is a different story whatsoever, it is raining buckets! At 8:00 am we got phone alert message from Tyler’s School saying that all children in School were being moved to a shelter because of high winds and possibilities of  tornados.

We’ve had thunders and heavy rain so far. I hope we never get to see a tornado in our area.

Photo Gallery

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What’s Up? – Wacky Weather Week

Wacky Weather Week

Most likely that you already, the East Coast has been under another “cold wave”…Again!

This its how it went: We were having very low temperatures for a few days and then when it warmed just a bit, it snowed, not much, just about 2 – 3 inches and immediately after the temperature plunged back down making things going from bad to worse. The snow froze and it was only ice everywhere. Our Schools have been closed ALL WEEK!  Then from that point, things got more complicated for everyone. Many stores closed because their parking lots were like  ice skating rinks!

Many roads were closed because the icy conditions. In other cases, people that went on the road despite the warnings suffered the consequences by getting into costly accidents, the amount of accidents was tremendous.

Seems like it’s going to warm up lightly today, it’s sunny but still frigid. My birds are still there and eating  a bit more. I can’t wait for Spring!

I got some pictures for you from before and after the snow.

Photo Gallery

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What’s Up? – Raining on my seeds…

Raining on my seeds…

We have been getting copious amounts of rain lately, right after the cold days subsided. It has been raining  every day from morning to night. We hardly see the blue sky, it’s gray and dark instead.

I know for what I’m able to see, that my birds are having a hard time to feed when it’s raining. Once in a while, the rain stops and most of the birds desperately come out trying to find any dry seeds. They can be seen waiting in sight in the surrounding areas of the deck.That’s my cue: It is the time  I go out and dump all the soggy seeds and refill with fresh dry ones. As soon as this is done, Birds get excited for getting their meals!

The Mourning Doves are more in quantity and kind of mob the feeders, that’s when my “Sheriff”  (Northern Mockingbird) comes along and chases every body out! He eats some peanuts and then leaves. I have the feeling that he means to protect his territory but not to harm anyone.

Of course, five minutes later would start raining again!

Photo Gallery

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What’s Up? – Better Days are coming…

Better Days are Coming…

When the weather temperatures, are not within the average numbers for the Season, all wildlife habitual patterns change accordingly. In the case of birds, it becomes evident the decrease of individuals of all local species from the backyard feeders. I’m not even considering the birds that regularly migrate during Winter time.

My backyard feeders are not frequented by birds at the same patterns and many of those birds are not following their usual habits. Believe or not, I waste a great amount of feed because the weather ruins it with rain, frost or wind.

My opportunities to getting good photo shots are very limited because of the weather. It’s very cold, too breezy, dark and cloudy or dark and rainy…Non of these conditions are propitious to a Photographer.

I just hope that we will get better weather, more favorable and more suitable for this time of the year, here in Georgia.

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What’s Up? – That time of the Year…

That time of the Year…

Our weather is insane! The temperatures are up and down daily. I do not complaint about it, I’m just reporting what we have weather wise.

  • We are at the time of the year when you hear the crows flying in small groups, early in the morning, making such a ruckus with their ;loud calls., and yes, they love to converse at breakfast time!
  • You can see  a downy woodpecker popping his head from behind objects to stare and I ‘d guess thinking or planning his next move.
  • Or having deputy Mockingbird giving his approval to all the feeders, but of course he would mostly sample the peanuts of his preference.
  • It’s also time of the year when you can see well crafted spider webs appear and disappear every morning.
  • Also, it’s time of the year for Carolina wrens to deliver arias with such vibrant clarity that impress anyone.
  • Let’s not forget the Carolina chickadees working their tails off collecting seeds to keep their provisions for winter up to par.

As you can imagine the bird’s routines continue and there’s always something interesting to make the cold season more entertaining.

Photo Gallery

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