Panoramic View of Birds – Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove

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What’s Up? – A small sample of Spring

A Small Sample of Spring…  

I wrote this post on: Feb.7th, 2018                

The past week we had a teaser two days samples of Spring, on which we had sunshine and  semi-warm days (Low 60º F). The sudden new energy of seeing bright and warmer days worked on me, also, was inviting for my avian friends. Those sunny days inspired me to sit behind my camera and wait for birds to appear…my plan paid off! I had the opportunity to shoot photos of a variety of birds. (See photo gallery)

I set my birds up, cleaned their feeders and filled them with plenty of seeds and water,  then little by little the birds showed up! That was really rewarding.

Today is a different story whatsoever, it is raining buckets! At 8:00 am we got phone alert message from Tyler’s School saying that all children in School were being moved to a shelter because of high winds and possibilities of  tornados.

We’ve had thunders and heavy rain so far. I hope we never get to see a tornado in our area.

Photo Gallery

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What’s Up? – Cold Wave

Cold Wave

I try not to mention weather or weather temperatures, but it’s hard for me to ignore the fact that the extreme cold temperatures of our winter are way out of proportion compared to previous winters. There’s a “cold wave “ coming down from the Arctic that is affecting all usual patterns on record. I hope this wave is a one time thing and do not cause any damage but I wouldn’t like it to be as harsh every year.

Here in area where we live, are having very frigid nights and early mornings, then warms up slightly but the wind chill effect renders it be colder.

Every once in a while I check outside when the sun is going through the clouds and if I see any birds I try to do my best to get some useable shots for my blog. I have some images for you that I’ve been gathering. Notice that I had some Pine Warbles as visitors. I usually see them only once a year.

Photo Gallery

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What’s Up? – The last snow, for the birds…

The Last Snow, For the Birds…!

Today I’m posting some photos of my birds, shot the day we got the 12 inches of snow. Despite the weather conditions, I could capture some scenes of how the birds cope with the snow, especially while looking for a meal.

After the snow-day we’ve had very cold days and they are getting a bit warmer  that allows the seeds and everything to freeze.  I just hope it warms up more so we can have more birds come out. This is the coldest Autumn I’ve had in the 12 years I’m living in Georgia.

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What’s Up?…

Day after Irma…

The day after a downgraded hurricane Irma passed our town, we had a full day of rain before it arrived after midnight on Tuesday which continued for half of next day. That morning, first thing I did was to go outside and make an assessment of the conditions of my house and the surrounding areas, Fortunately, all seemed to be in good order, we did not lose electric power, communications nor Internet. The creek that runs along my backyard was a bit overflowing but nothing to be worried about.

My next assessment was about my birds, feeders, houses etc. Even when was still raining I immediately filled the saucer-feeders (some broken) with fresh seeds also refilled the nectar bottle for the hummingbirds.

Not very long after I was stunned by all the birds that started to come out of the trees, looking for a meal. They were starving! Poor little things.

I even had four hummingbirds that have had a feast and are giving me a show with their game playing.

I prepared my camera and shot away! Today I will show some of the photos from that day. Excuse their appearance, remember that they were under so much physical stress.

Photo Gallery

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