Portraits of Birds – Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove – Zenaida macroura

© HJ Ruiz


What’s Up?…

Day after Irma…

The day after a downgraded hurricane Irma passed our town, we had a full day of rain before it arrived after midnight on Tuesday which continued for half of next day. That morning, first thing I did was to go outside and make an assessment of the conditions of my house and the surrounding areas, Fortunately, all seemed to be in good order, we did not lose electric power, communications nor Internet. The creek that runs along my backyard was a bit overflowing but nothing to be worried about.

My next assessment was about my birds, feeders, houses etc. Even when was still raining I immediately filled the saucer-feeders (some broken) with fresh seeds also refilled the nectar bottle for the hummingbirds.

Not very long after I was stunned by all the birds that started to come out of the trees, looking for a meal. They were starving! Poor little things.

I even had four hummingbirds that have had a feast and are giving me a show with their game playing.

I prepared my camera and shot away! Today I will show some of the photos from that day. Excuse their appearance, remember that they were under so much physical stress.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

What’s Up?…

 hurricane Irma visited us!…

Hurricane Irma has been a formidable natural occurrence. Very strong and powerful event that affected a vast territory of several Countries in the Caribbean leaving a trail of destruction, devastation, misery and loss of lives.

Although started in the Caribbean, the extremely dangerous Irma has stretched its power of destruction over thousands of miles and has even reached us in the Georgia NorthWest!

It’s morning now, It has rained since yesterday morning. I’m in the house now after my inspection of the house and the surrounding areas. Also inspected the creek, trees, bushes, shrubs, etc. All seem to be in order. Thank G-d for getting us through this hurricane safely. We had secured our plant pots, patio furniture and anything that would have blown with the gusty winds, It does help to avoid having loose objects flying as projectiles. It’s raining now but normally, without intensity, there’s breeze and no gusts.

Our moments of preoccupation are over…until next time!

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

What’s Up?…

Hurricane Woes…

This past week has been tough for States Texas and Louisiana. The hurricane Harvey with tremendous force and size has caused great damage and hardship to millions of homes because of floods, strong winds etc. G-d help them recover from this devastating natural disaster.

Here in Georgia, we had some consequences of the hurricane Harvey despite being at considerable distance from it. The humidity was very high, so it was the temperature making days uncomfortable… then the weather changed to rain, we had a few days of rain but not enough to cause any kind of flood. I’m glad for that.

Birds are still around, however, must not be very happy for reasons of the continuos rains. Raining makes their seeds soggy and sometimes wasting  the whole batch because the wind knocks off the feeder breaking the dishes which are made of baked clay. II keep buying new ones all the time.

My wife is out of town for a five days (Not related to the hurricane) and I’m in charge of Tyler, making sure he goes to School, does the homework, takes showers, and behave like a good boy.

He’s a good boy generally. Can’t complain about that!

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

What’s Up?

Follow up…

I‘ve made some adjustments to my daily life in order to make my recovery speedier and my health safer. I usually do many things everyday that keep me busy many hours, and to these I add my taking care of my landscape that require quite an amount of physical work. I’ve just hired a landscape service company to do the work for me. I agreed to what they charge and they’ll be doing the landscaping for us ‘till the end of the season.

They came and did their work while we were out. The result was really impressive. Lucy and I were elated when we returned home from seeing a Doctor for my procedure follow-up.

We were very satisfied with the terrific job they did. Now, I’ve been looking at my year’s budgets and I believe it would be a great idea if I contract this company for next year.

The Doctor GI Specialist said that in six weeks I must go for an Endoscopy and see how well everything they did has healed. Meanwhile they are analyzing my new blood samples for any traces of cancerous presence, blood count and H Pylori bacteria.

Other than that everything is just “peachy”!

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101