I’ve Got your Back

The whole world is in total shock and sadness caused by the sudden terrorist attack that took place in several locations in Paris, France. Many innocent people lost their lives and a large number were wounded in these cowardly acts. It’s a despicable tragedy that should have never happen. I used the expression “I’ve got your back” for this post in a gesture of solidarity with all the people of France. My heart goes to them! – H.J


On a light note and with all due respect I’ve also applied the tittle of this post in reference to my birds. I got their backs literally and made a Photo Gallery especially for you my dear friends.

Photo Gallery

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

Look Outside my Window!

Welcome! Look up to the branches about the middle of the deck, can you see that handsome Gray Catbird? That’s a delightful sight, this visitor rarely shows up and usually stay for only a few minutes. This bird loves to just peek around and see what’s going on at the feeders. This one in particular has a gorgeous plumage that I assume he must have just renewed after the molting. Looks strong and healthy!L-067

My friend the Northern Mockingbird is back, after some days being absent, He looks to be in great shape too! He was eating some peanuts right before you came and now he’s drinking some much needed water. This fellow is my security deputy that keeps the backyard safe from aggressive intruders. I know that he was out for a few days tending his nest where he has new hatchlings. Across the road in my neighbor’s tree. Congratulations!L-068

Look to your right! That European Starling is part of a group which we hatched in my backyard, they are still hanging out and haven’t left. I guess that they love it here because it’s their place where they grew up! I don’t care if they stay! They are the first generation Starlings from local nests!L-069

Note: Please look to the far right! See those Mourning Doves? They also are local birds that love to hang out in this corner, they are very close tied group. This picture will have them together for posterity. I know, they eat too much but what the heck!…I love ‘em all!L-070

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

Visitors, Here and There!

This post consists of a series of commentaries about the bird depicted in the Photo Gallery.


  1. Tufted Titmouse – This bird is kind of shy, he loves to eat separated from the others, usually hides from sight.
  2. Brown-headed Cowbird (M) – Contrary to bird # 1, this one loves company and usually misbehaves, his eating manners need improvement.
  3. Gray Catbird – I have my suspicions this bird is just a spy, he goes around watching whatever is going on in the backyard but rarely gets involved.
  4. Northern Cardinal (M) – Isn’t he turning out to be handsome with his new molted plumage? You know him already, he lost one foot but he thrives live a hero!
  5. Carolina Chickadee – Another little bird that takes great effort to pick his food an enough for his family, one seed at the time!
  6. Mourning Dove – Here’s a bird that has all the patience in the world, she waits for her food calmly and then when she’s at the feeders, slowly but surely…eats the whole darn thing!
  7. American Goldfinch – Elegant plumage, nice figure, eats selected seeds and also goes for gourmet fruits in the fruit section of the creek. Oy!
  8. European Starling – What a clown! He hardly walk, he marches!, he picks the thinest branches of a tree to perch and then falls and creates a ruckus trying to find a branch that will support him. He goes to the seeds and picks only the peanuts and throw the rest all over.
  9. Ruby-throated Hummingbird – This bird is a delicate gracious little nymph that dances in the air. Such a beauty!
  10. Eastern Towhee – Very pleasant bird, terrific plumage pattern and very independent. Pacific bird that I’ve never seen any confront any other bird in all the years that I have them in my backyard.
  11. Northern Cardinal (F) – This little lady is going to be such a beauty when adult. I have at least ten families of cardinals to contend with…I’m happy with all of them!
  12. Song Sparrow – This bird is the little “mouse” as I call him because he’s all over the deck floor, flower pots and the hedges surrounding the deck. He’s a fine bird, most likely stay throughout the Winter with me!


Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101