What’s Up?

My Town’s weather has changed to very cool in the early morning but then switches to a warm and humid afternoon. Most of my birds are waiting for the sun to be out higher in the sky to approach the feeders. By then the temperature is more inspiring for them and they frolic around with their comrades more animated.

On a personal note… 

One of my cousin’s husband is in critical condition and we all are fearing for his life. He has an  Aneurism  forming in a hard to reach area of the brain. We all pray for him.

About my tests…

I‘ve recently received the results of my tests, here they are:

  1. I do not have any underline cancerous whatsoever.
  2. The procedure I had in the stomach, two clips were inserted to stop the bleeding are looking good and healing normally.
  3. The Pathology Lab indicates that I have a presence of *H. Pylori. I’ll be taking some medicine to get rid of the bacteria.

* H. pylori are spiral-shaped bacteria that grow in the digestive tract and have a tendency to attack the stomach lining. H. pylori infections are usually harmless, but they’re responsible for the majority of ulcers in the stomach and small intestine.

H. pylori is a common type of bacteria that usually infects the stomach. They may be present in more than half of all people in the world, according to the Mayo Clinic. The “H” in the name is short for Helicobacter. “Helico” means spiral. The bacteria are spiral shaped.

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What’s Up?…

…Say hello to my little friends!

Without a doubt I can say the most impressive bird of the season are the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds! Why? For many reasons:

They are beautiful, playful, they stuck around in my backyard despite the hurricane Irma. In fact I had 5 of them at one time. They finish 1 bottle of nectar in 3 days. I have seen them almost daily and they don’t spook seeing humans.

Having them longer time this season, allowed me to have a better opportunity to observe them a bit closer in their daily life. Please see next… some things that I learned from them:

  • They are very curious about other bird’s actions as well as  of insects.
  • They are aware of the photographer but they don’t mind the shooting.
  • They are playful with their equals.

    They bump each other in flight, just like playing “tag”!

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What’s Up?…

From the bottom of my heart…

I’m blessed by having such great blog friends. It helps a person to get a speedy recovery. It’s a fact. Reading your sweet words and kind hopes, really infuses a great amount of energy in my mind, hence my body.  My most sincere thanks to all of you.

I love you. – H.J.

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Odds and Ends…

“Very few things compare to the feeling of elation when a feat is accomplished, exactly in the manner… according to plan”


Brownheaded Nuthatch

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What’s Up?…

Smart “Cookies”

The  heavy stormy weather from States west of Georgia added to the jet stream coming from Florida are carrying a great amount of humidity to our State. We are in Summer now usually know for being  hot but blessed with a gentle and soothing breeze…With the added humidity it feels so uncomfortable and sticky. Conditions that are not so inviting to be outdoors.

It makes a big difference to me because I care for my plants, lawns, shrubs etc. I have to be very efficient and cautious of not getting dehydrated.  The humid heat drains your energy very quickly.  Fortunately, the flow of birds coming and going continues normally at different time patterns which I learned make a lot of sense. I’m following the bird’s unintended “suggestions” (Actually I do what they do) and it works pretty good. Here is how: There are moments when large high clouds block the sun and there’s a cooler breeze that drops the temperature just a few degrees but it makes a difference…then the birds come out, for as long as the cloud moves on and the sun break out again. Cloud gone birds gone, H.J. gone! All the tricks I learn from the avian friends.

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My Visitor: Brown-headed Nuthatch

Brown – headed Nuthatch

The Brown-headed Nuthatch (Sitta pusilla) is a small songbird found in pine forests throughout the Southeastern United States. Bold and inquisitive, this bird is readily approachable by humans. The bird is frequently observed using a small chip of bark held in its beak as a tool to dig for insects

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