What’s Up?

Ingmar Bergman’s Style Movie…?

Get your pop corn and enjoy!

“Intricacy of the Universe”

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What’s Up?

We Are Back!…

We returned home from our Spring vacation…still thinking that we needed even more days to unwind. Our vacations in general, leave us more tired than relaxed! We utilize our vacations to do the most we can, getting up early in the morning and going to bed late at night.

Anyway, we enjoyed every minute of our trip. Tyler had a ball and kept busy at all times. He loved his camera  and put it to good use to! His camera is a Sony Cyber -shot DSC-W800 20,1 MP. He shot approximately 45 photos, Some of which I consider very good. See samples:

We visited many places, went to the beach, enjoyed the pools, hikes, restaurants, strolls at night on the beach…I must mention my photo shootings too! The weather was perfect to top it all!.. ( Meanwhile, in our home’s area in Georgia was under severe storms that bordered into extreme!)

Photo Gallery

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