What’s Up? – Weather News?…

“Weather News: Chances of snow dustings for the northern Georgia areas…” 

We ended up with 12 inches accumulations!. They measure their calculations with tools like…this one?

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What’s Up?

Follow up…

I‘ve made some adjustments to my daily life in order to make my recovery speedier and my health safer. I usually do many things everyday that keep me busy many hours, and to these I add my taking care of my landscape that require quite an amount of physical work. I’ve just hired a landscape service company to do the work for me. I agreed to what they charge and they’ll be doing the landscaping for us ‘till the end of the season.

They came and did their work while we were out. The result was really impressive. Lucy and I were elated when we returned home from seeing a Doctor for my procedure follow-up.

We were very satisfied with the terrific job they did. Now, I’ve been looking at my year’s budgets and I believe it would be a great idea if I contract this company for next year.

The Doctor GI Specialist said that in six weeks I must go for an Endoscopy and see how well everything they did has healed. Meanwhile they are analyzing my new blood samples for any traces of cancerous presence, blood count and H Pylori bacteria.

Other than that everything is just “peachy”!

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