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What’s Up? – Feeding Time…

Feeding Time…

The daily rains have ended and we have moved to a Summer’s like mode in temperature. We are reaching the 90º ’s mark already.

I’ve noticed a change in the feeding routines made by the birds. They do start early, they show up before before the sun breaks over the tree line. I fill all the feeders and the birds start eating even before I’m done with the feeders.

Then, by 10 am. all the feeders are completely empty. They feed from the ground or the floor of the deck until I refill feeders again… that is done in the afternoon. Birds are not dumb, they are avoiding the hot sun,  it’s very critical when the sun is right above and burns the most.

I understand, if I was a bird I’d do the same thing. Raptors know the hunting strategy of  using the sun as help when they are stalking prey. any potential victim is not aware that the raptor is above because the can not see through the sun strong glare and when they finally see it…it’s too late!.

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