Wow! 2014

Wow! Can you believe that it’s the first day of 2014…already? Time flies when there are so many things going on in our lives. I can remember being a teenager and wanting days to pass faster so I could be an adult and reap the benefits of being one. Of course that was a teenager’s mind!

I believe that being busy all the time makes life more interesting, less boring and can make it more productive in many ways. Studying anything is always a good investment, even when you may change your mind about it, then go for a different one that will make you feel more comfortable.

It’s not a bad idea to have your career already and still pursue another venue to complement your economic assets.

Work for a living is honorable, good and necessary, that is if you want to have a normal family life and a respectable member of Society. I recommend it!

I will continue blogging and publishing posts about birds and write a bit of my everyday life. I enjoy this very much,  I also appreciate my readers “likes” and comments.

Next are some freshly new photos for you:

Northern Mockingbird

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101


All photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

Where are They?

The past few days I haven’t seen the Northern Mockingbirds that usually fly round  my backyard. I  just wonder, are they are moving to a new location?.

One thing I know is that I have a neighbor that moved in a few months ago (I haven’t met them yet) about three houses from me, they’ve installed several bird feeders and a few little bird houses. My wife says that they are always looking at my backyard and the birds coming and going to it. I can only guess that they might like the same kind of traffic in their backyard. I don’t care, really! I wish more people to get involved into caring for birds!

I’m sure that the Northern Mockingbirds will be back, they’ve been a fixture in my backyard.

“Otherwise who’s going to poop on my mailbox?”

(Does it happen to you too?) That’s how I get to know if they’re around or not.

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

Law and Order

Sometimes I read or hear stories of how aggressive the Northern Mockingbirds are. Contrary to those comments I believe that I’d like to have these birds in my backyard at all times. Why? Because they are very beneficial to the local (my backyard) bird community.

I’ve had mockingbirds in my backyard since I moved to my new house. I’ve been observing their behavior for some time and I’ve noticed how much they do in order to protect what they consider “their territory”.

The community of local birds, consisting of a variety of songbirds are under the mockingbird’s protection. The transient birds or the outsiders that irrupt the area will definitely be confronted by the mockingbirds on guard.

They can also put order at the feeders area. Like with Mourning Doves that take possession of the feeder and do not allow smaller birds to eat. That goes for the Brown-headed Cowbirds too! And so on, there are other species on that list of misbehaving birds

Confronting Mourning Dove for not allowing small birds to eat.

Confronting Mourning Dove for not allowing small birds to eat.


Female Brown-headed Cowbird offered aggressive behavior


Result of confrontation was immediate fight.

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

“Wonder Boy”

A few weeks back I posted some pictures of birds feeding under heavy rain. Among those are some of a Northern Mockingbird that looked kind of strange because his feathers did not coincide with the well known appearance of the Mockingbird, although the shape as many other characteristics indicated that he was of that particular species.

Well, the mystery is solved. This bird is a Northern Mockingbird, no doubt.

Courtesy of SoxyLady on Flickr

Courtesy of SoxyLady on Flickr

I see him almost daily, not wet of course! I’ve named him “Wonder Boy” (Remember the Robert Redford’s movie “The Natural”?

This bird has a natural white lightning bolt marking on his black wings!

As you can see this bird looks different because of the heavy rain that has soaked his feathers which are not folded in place as it should as when dry.

Apparently he was still young and had his feathers still not at their normal color. Next you can see what he looks like now, with more age and his feather dry and folded correctly. However, I should mention that he’s large and his wings are much darker that other Mockingbirds. And of course the “lightning bolt” makes him  unique! That’s “Wonder Boy”

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101

Just Another Rainy Day

For the past few days we’ve been having many long hours of rain and dark skies. It’s not like summer at all. Yuk! 😦

I’m still shooting my camera and trying to do the best  I can with what I have. I’m getting used to this conditions by now, maybe I shouldn’t be complaining.

Text and photographs © H.J. Ruiz – Avian 101