What’s Up? – Feeding Time…

Feeding Time…

The daily rains have ended and we have moved to a Summer’s like mode in temperature. We are reaching the 90º ’s mark already.

I’ve noticed a change in the feeding routines made by the birds. They do start early, they show up before before the sun breaks over the tree line. I fill all the feeders and the birds start eating even before I’m done with the feeders.

Then, by 10 am. all the feeders are completely empty. They feed from the ground or the floor of the deck until I refill feeders again… that is done in the afternoon. Birds are not dumb, they are avoiding the hot sun,  it’s very critical when the sun is right above and burns the most.

I understand, if I was a bird I’d do the same thing. Raptors know the hunting strategy of  using the sun as help when they are stalking prey. any potential victim is not aware that the raptor is above because the can not see through the sun strong glare and when they finally see it…it’s too late!.

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What’s Up? – The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Today’s post is dedicated to the fledglings and juveniles of the season~ The New Generation.

Most birds that have nested in my backyard have mated, laid eggs, incubated etc. The whole nine yards! Now we are looking at the newly fledged birds of several species, going around the feeders with parents or without them, depending on their age.

To see them learning and developing day by day is very rewarding to me, just the fact that they are the continuation of the species for posterity. I feel that I contributed to Nature’s cause somehow, even when they are not my own species.

There are more birds that had family but I haven’t been able to take any pictures yet. We’ve had many rainy days because the Sub Tropical Storm “Alberto” that hit the North side of Florida. Result of wind blowing in our direction. Fortunately, no big deal for us.

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What’s Up? – Family!


We are at a point of Spring when birds have gone through important stages of their lives by finding a mate, building a nest, laid eggs, incubate them, once hatched welcomed the hatchling, cared for them until they grew feathers and then released them to face the facts of life on their own. Meanwhile, the parents do care for them and show them “the ropes” of how to procure their food and how to deal with other birds.

I have prepared a photo gallery to demonstrate the meaning of family through the moments post fledging. The species selected are House Finches, which I find them to be the best caring of their brood that I’ve ever seen through the years. All birds in general care for their chicks…don’t take me wrong, I see several different modes to care on birds from my backyard but House Finches are obviously the more “hands on” type.

Special note FYI: I counted five (5) squirrels in my backyard yesterday!! Oh no!

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What’s Up? – Pretty cool…

Pretty Cool…

There’s a more balanced weather pattern nowadays, warmer but moderate temperatures,  accelerated growth of plants in general and rain added to complete the equation. I hope it continues like that all through the Spring and Summer.

My backyard is getting busier by the day and I’ve noticed that the demand for more feed is increasing. I will adjust  the necessary demand. The reason for this, I attribute it to having more daylight hours. In the morning is sunny and bright already at 7:00 am. and continues still bright at 9:00 pm.!

I’ve been watching all birds as always but the Bluebirds called my attention one day. They are very keen at finding worms in the field. Very active and fast for insects too, especially right after the grass has been cut. Check the pictures!

I was delighted when I saw this Red-winged Blackbird one day. He was acting up strangely and I did not see a reason for it since there wasn’t any threats nor females around! He was truly showing off and I loved every bit of it. Do you agree with me? Take a look!

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What’s Up? – Sunshine, Growth and Elation…

Sunshine, Growth & Elation

It has been a glorious week for us because our weather has been the most pleasant we felt in  a long time. The plants and trees  are growing at a fast rate now. We had a party at home for my son Tyler’s 8th birthday. It was very exciting for him,  he had some of his friends come over and played until exhaustion as always. I met the father  of  two of the kids. They live about two blocks from us. He accepted to stay for a time and I showed him the backyard and he was so delighted about my setups. We sat under an umbrella and sipped some chilled wine. He could not hide his amazement of seeing all kinds of birds going to the feeders. He was enchanted about it. He says he wants to try the same in his backyard… OK!

Tyler was elated by his birthday presents and money he got.

“I heard him say to someone: I’m rich!”

I put some images together for you to share some of the good weather!

Photo Gallery

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Here Birdie! – Photo Gallery

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