Book Review # 41

Birds of Kruger National Park

Authors: Keith Barnes and Ken Behrens

Publisher: Princeton University Press


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This interesting book is entirely dedicated to depict birds that you most likely find when you visit the renown Kruger National Park in South Africa. With 224 pages of up to 259  species of birds, each described with the most noted characteristics and accompanied by over 500 color photographs, simply make the identifying of birds an easy game.

The book size is very convenient for putting inside your coat pocket or you backpack.

The authors of this book are both highly experienced professionals involved in Ornithology as well as Photography, Birdwatching studies and book writing.  The point is made through this book by simplifying the birder’s common question similar to: “Is that bird a Long-billed Crombec or a Willow Warbler?” Looking at the book you’d know the answer immediately!”

Reviewed by: H.J. Ruiz – – July 18th, 2017