Here Birdie! – Photo Gallery

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Here Birdie! – Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

What’s Up? – Bird Humor

With the ever changing weather we had lately, I believe that bird’s opinions are in order. – H.J.

“Drips & Gripes!”

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What’s Up? – Weather News?…

“Weather News: Chances of snow dustings for the northern Georgia areas…” 

We ended up with 12 inches accumulations!. They measure their calculations with tools like…this one?

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What’s Up?

Snow bound…?

Last Thursday, we were kind of doubtful about the Weather News when they announced that North Georgia was going to be hit with snow and perhaps with accumulations. This news did not sound like a threat because we had sunny and seasonal temperatures at the time. Later I found out that a large cold wave from the North West was approaching the East of USA.

Our main concern was about Tyler going to School on Friday or not. The School was also not very sure about the credibility of the Weather News. The Principal said to wait for any developments or changes and will let all parents know about closing for weather reasons. We waited for the call or any announcements but never came. Next morning we proceeded  as any other School day. The School bus picked Tyler and everything was normal.

I refilled the bird feeders, cleaned the area…then I noticed it was drizzling slightly, in a short while I was going back in the house when I first saw a bit of flurries. I thought… Oh-oh!

Not very long after seeing those flurries it turned to snow. The  School called and sent messages that they were going to send all children home and close early due to snow accumulating on the roads.

Eventually, Tyler got home and by 4.00 pm we had approximately 4 inches accumulation of snow. By 6:00 pm increased to 6 inches and already got dark as night. The Weather News predicted more snow in the way overnight.

On Saturday morning we woke up to a  bright sunny morning, but very cold. The amount of  accumulation was a total of 12”! For Georgia standards it is a big deal! Just imagine that our city doesn’t have any snow removal  equipment because our Winters are usually mild and hardly get any snow, and if we do, in few hours melts away.

The result of this snowy surprise was:

  • No Schools
  • Store closings
  • Restaurants closings
  • Banks closed
  • No regular mail
  • Many work centers closed
  • No electric power to some areas
  • No TV to large areas

It amounts to great loss of Economic Revenue!.

My birds had a hard time dealing with the snow and their feeding habits!.

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