What’s Up? – Pleasant Days

Pleasant Days

Strange as it is the weather has made a change for the good.  A rain here and there or some sudden drops in temperatures do not amount to a calamity, believe or not, some days are sunny and bright with an incredible blue sky, so much better that you can see people taking walks or jogging outdoors.

I see flocks of birds going by, high, mostly blackbirds. These birds visit my backyard sometimes and make a clean-up of my feeders… in other words, they eat everything they can! 

The group left soon, but not before causing ado among the local birds. You should see the mockingbird trying to shoo away the invaders so eager to fill their crops for travel . They devoured all seeds. He gets confronted by the members of the vagrant group, but he holds up pretty well. He’s a bold bird no doubt!

My son went back to School last Monday, now he’s counting the days till his 9th birthday in May. Oy!

Photo Gallery

Eating Lunch With…

Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler 

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

10 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Pleasant Days

  1. Enjoyed hearing about the backyard bird activity, HJ. Blackbirds stir up the backyard, and glad to hear the mockingbird survived it. Mockingbirds are toughies, smart, and beautiful. And lucky you to have a pine warbler in your backyard! That is a testament to your seed and feeder devotion. Pine warblers are a bird this birder travels far and wide to see. Thanks for this great post, my friend.

    • At the moment, we are back to very cold weather mode. This drop in temperature limits the amount of visitors to just a few that are the best equipped to resist winter. “Nutcase” the squirrel is driving me crazy because instead of hibernating is eating the seeds and raiding the seeded suet which the Pine Warbler and Carolina Wren love.
      Thank you my friend for your words. 🙂

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