What’s Up? – We begin 2019 in my Backyard

We begin 2019 in my Backyard

We  have started year 2019 with  days of heavy rain but in the afternoon the temperature raises to the low 60ºs. The sky is always gray and dim, not very good for pictures.

Rain as always may be good for plants but a nuisance for birds and their feeders. I’m feeding them suet-seed mixes which resists more the continuous rain. 

Any birds that visit my backyard are welcome to get a meal or if they want to build a nest and stay, that is fine with me. I want them to feel comfortable and safe, this way they look relaxed for my pictures. Let’s hope that 2019 will bring me lots of birds to photograph.

Photo Gallery

Eating Lunch With…

House Finch Dad and Brood

Good Dad feeding chicks.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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