What’s Up? – Commitment…


In a couple more weeks we’ll be changing seasons to winter. To us in our area, seemed that we had winter all through autumn! Let’s hope that the coming winter will be a mild and  a beautiful one. That, I’m sure would make us happy.

The cold weather has ruined the process of foliage turning colors, something that makes autumn very special!  It has been too frigid  for my taste. I always loved the foliage in earth colors and the nice walks over the ground covered with thousands of colorful leaves. Dressing with a wool sweater and racking leaves…

My birds are there every morning waiting for me, bringing them their favorite seeds. I love to see them coming out of the trees and bushes to get their meals. I enjoy my doing that, I feel the sense of commitment with them. 

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

17 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Commitment…

  1. Isn’t it funny how the birds await us in the morning to serve them their breakfast? On the few occasions when I am late, the pigeons line up on a power line in the alley behind the house, or the jays squawk as if to say, “hurry up.” I actually have a bad conscience and apologize to them. 🙂

    • They are well aware that there’s some food coming up soon if they see someone moving in the house. I can see them through the blinds in the kitchen door, a bunch of them come out to the deck so I can see them. Then, I walk out and all fly back to the trees and bushes. While I do refill feeders…I can feel, hundreds of eyes watching me! Thanks Tanja for sharing. 🙂

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