What’s Up? – Cold Hands…Warm Heart

Cold Hands…Warm Heart

It has been a cold week for my area. For example, last Wednesday it was 23º F  at the time we were waiting for the School bus! Daily, we have frost everywhere  in the backyard.

It gets very breezy and you feel colder due to the wind chill factor. Most of my birds wait until the sun rises up over the tree line and they go looking for their meals.

I see the Carolina Chickadees are very busy going back and forth taking sunflower seeds to their nesting place…Perhaps stocking up for a harsh winter?

The Northern Mockingbird is back in service again, he chases everybody out  from the feeders, to me it means one thing: The female must be incubating. 

I also see my little “tenors” the Carolina  Wrens, they move all over the deck area and inspect every niche or hole they can find. I guess, they are  looking for insects or any other bugs.

Song Sparrows and House Finches also show up  and eat but do not frolic for long.

And, of course, my Northern Cardinals, sometimes  the entire clan is out to feed, they are very active and playful , they chase each other around snd flitter around the backyard. I enjoy moments like that very much. It gives me the impression that they are happy.

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

19 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Cold Hands…Warm Heart

  1. Interesting post HJ. In my recent research I learned that your Chickadees are very intelligent stashing their seed stocks in thousands of difficult places and remember where each stash has been put for winter. 😊

    • Yes, they do that! They also can control their body temperature to survive low temperatures during harsh winters. Thanks Ashley. 🙂

  2. These guys are lucky that you have a warm heart, my friend! They can always find food at your home, even on cold days. We have a cool day (for FL) as well today – at 50 F this morning.

    • You know that I’m like you, we love birds and Nature. We’ve been having very cold days lately. Just bundle up my friend! 🙂

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