What’s Up? – Let’s be optimist…

Let’s be optimist…

I’ll start by describing our weather last week. Oddly, It changes almost daily in a way that is hard to keep up with it! Some days, in the early morning you have to dress as you would in winter because it is breezy and cold, then at noon you have to dress with a  short sleeve shirt because it gets too warm. We also have rainy days, with the sky being gray and so dark that is like night, then the following day we are back to warmer weather. Oy vey!

My birds are totally adapting to those changes and their appetite continues to be normal and they look healthy. I’m the one that have problems (Not with my health) but to shoot pictures, because it’s too dark or it’s raining too hard to get any good shots!

This Autumn is not going to be a pretty one. The ups and downs of temperatures are not allowing for the gradual change of foliage’s colors like normally would occur, instead, the cold spells shrivel up the leaves and they drop later.

However, when the weather warms up and the sky is blue, my backyard get very avian active, then I do what I do with my cameras.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

20 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Let’s be optimist…

  1. It sounds like you’re describing Texas weather. This week, we’ll be adding freezing temperatures to the mix here on the coast, but last night there was snow in the Panhandle. Oh, my!

    • Yesterday we woke up with frost all over and we had a very dark day. After midnight started raining and hasn’t stopped yet at this time. The weather forecasts are saying that rain is likely to continue for three more days, and then temperatures will drop considerably! Thanks Linda! 🙂

  2. Graziosissimi volatili, ripresi in speciali primi piani fotografici, per apprezzarli con la massima attenzione
    Sempre specialissime le tue pagine,un caro saluto,silvia

  3. These are wonderful, HJ! 🙂 I love the House Finch with its fall-color bocah and how great to get two woodpeckers on a branch and not on a tree trunk! Here’s hoping for sunny days ahead for you, my friend!

    • Thank you Donna! We are getting heavy rain for three days with very few breaks, I hope we get the sunny days soon! 🙂

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