What’s Up? – Halloween and birds…

Halloween and Birds…

Last week was a “smorgasbord” of weather, it was,  one day windy, the next, rainy then cold and on Halloween day it was perfect! 

The temperature was in the 70’s , sunny and bright in the morning same in the afternoon  and gloriously mild in the evening. 

It was a busy Halloween, there were children galore knocking on doors, all clad in the most exotic costumes. Tyler was dressed and made up as the animated character “Miguel” in the movie “COCO”. – (See photo below)

Tyler was so happy to bring home a ton of candy, collected from the neighbors!  Do you remember  the candy that Lucy bought? It wasn’t enough!

My birds have been happy with the change in weather too, they come in droves to the feeders.  Of course I have to double the ration too!.. That’ll keep them happy too!

Photo Gallery

This is my son Tyler (8) ready for Halloween. His costume is based on an animated character Miguel  from the movie “COCO”

Tyler’s Halloween costume

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Halloween and birds…

    • Oh yes! From all the candy he brought he only eats very few candies. My wife donates the rest like she always does. Thank you Susan. 🙂

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