What’s Up? – We love that, don’t we?

We love that, don’t we?

Last Friday morning, the weather temperature was in the mid 40º F’s. It felt very much like real  autumn. It was my fist time to wear a long sleeve shirt.

A couple of days ago I was eating lunch at the kitchen dinette when I saw through the glass door a gorgeous large Cooper’s Hawk sitting on the deck’s railing, outside.  I showed it to Lucy and Tyler, eating lunch with me… then suddenly another hawk shows up for a few seconds ( I suspect it was the mate) soon after they both flew off.

All these happened so fast, I was elated, they were so beautiful! Too bad I wasn’t ready for shooting pictures, we continued our lunch in a happy mood.

All my birds look fine, they eat well, I see more Mourning Doves and Cowbirds at the feeders and of course, the regular local avians. I see more spider webs lately. I guess Halloween is around the corner. Lucy’s bought a huge bag of assorted candy enough to make one hundred kids climb the walls with so much sugar! But, we love all that, don’t we?

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

17 thoughts on “What’s Up? – We love that, don’t we?

  1. It’s always a treat to see how many wonderful birds you have right outside your window, HJ. I’m a huge fan of the Carolina Wren, but have never had the pleasure of taking a photo this wonderful of one. And just to see a Cooper’s hawk out your window?? Whoa!

    • Yes, I consider myself lucky to have these birds in my backyard. The Cooper’s Hawks are mot a rare thing in my backyard, they’ve been visitors for a while, but I do not want them around my birds! Thank you Carol! 🙂

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