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You are welcome to the Northern Cardinal Photo Gallery, every Saturday!

It’s suggested to relax and enjoy!

The eggs are white, with a tint of green, blue or brown, and are marked with lavender, gray, or brown blotches which are thicker around the larger end. The shell is smooth and slightly glossy. Three or four eggs are laid in each clutch. Eggs measure approximately 26 mm × 19 mm (1.02 in × 0.75 in) in size. The female generally incubates the eggs, though, rarely, the male will incubate for brief periods of time. Incubation takes 12 to 13 days. Young fledge 10 to 11 days after hatching. Two to three, and even four, broods are raised each year. The male cares for and feeds each brood as the female incubates the next clutch of eggs.

Photo Gallery

Important Note:

This is to let you know that I will be away on vacation with my family, and will not be blogging for a week. I will resume blogging on Monday, October 1st. 

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19 thoughts on “Red Gallery – Northern Gallery

    • I’m sorry I didn’t read this comment before, I’ve just got home from Florida. I did visit your salt marsh, looks desolated and the Red Tide is still creating havoc in many beaches. and ponds. I went to other places where they have large ponds and they’ve been contaminated too. 🙂

      • We have no red tide here right now…and we never had lots of dead fish on our beaches. It’s gone for now according to the news I just watched. The marsh has been empty for a few weeks earlier this month, but has been lively again the last few days. Lots of various egrets and herons there even today and both ospreys perching at the sailing center. Sorry that you didn’t see them…and that we missed each other.

    • I was out of town on vacation with the family and I’ve just come back! I’m trying to catch up to hundreds of emails. Thank you my friend! 🙂

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