What’s Up? – Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence

The past week has been a bit tense for several States for reasons of the hurricane Florence. We didn’t know exactly where it was going to touch land, Meteorologists predicted Florence would touch land in both the North and South Carolinas which it did, then the questions arose, was it going to veer toward Georgia in the South or Virginia in the North?

The hurricane touched land with a lot of power but traveled more slowly once on land. This situation kind of complicated the equation., it meant a slow traveling would create more damage of heavy rain for longer period of time, creating super floods with devastating consequences .

There was another important threat to be considered. The hurricane force and size (160 miles) travels over the sea and creates a tremendous surge of  about 15 ft. this surge  can travel inland with devastating force too and floods beaches and infrastructure just as much as a tsunami.

In Georgia we were lucky because the most we saw from this hurricane was heavy rain, high humidity, gray days. Fortunately we are A-OK.

My birds are not happy with having heavy rain so often but they adapt to any changes. Just like we humans have learned to adapt and be resilient, most likely that we learned from the birds, since they were on Earth eons before us.

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30 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Hurricane Florence

  1. I was watching the track, and thought about you. I’m glad you escaped any ill effects. Even a good friend in Charleston managed to get through it with no particular damage and no loss of power. As so often happens, the town she’d considered evacuating to was the town that got more damage than her home.

    The birds do adapt. This weekend was the opening of dove and teal season here, and a lot of hunters were flummoxed by an absence of birds. There was so much rain — inches and inches — south of Interstate 10 that the birds just picked up and moved north. They aren’t any more fond of flooding rain than we are!

    • My next door neighbors just moved just a few months ago from Charleston and I was talking to him this morning, all his friends had evacuated. Wilmington as it this morning had 33 inches of rain in three days! Thank you very much Linda for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you so much little doll Arbie! We lucked out, that includes my birds too! Thank you, was nice to hear from you again! 🙂

  2. So glad the hurricane’s winds have decreased dramatically, but you’re right about the rains, they are just as challenging for wildlife. So glad all is well down your way, you, your family, and your backyard friends!

    • Rain in quantity can become a nuisance that’s true. I feel fortunate not to have any hurricanes in my town. Thank you very much Donna! 🙂

  3. Glad it was not as bad as it could be HJ, thanks for the report on the hurricane as we were seeing it on our news. We are in drought and the birds are affected this year again, so much or too little rain affects our birds but by God’s grace they seem to survive and reproduce through it all. Enjoy the rest of your week 😊

    • Fortunately we just had heavy rain. My birds are still there to share their beauty. Thank you very much Ashley, have a great week too. 🙂

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