What’s Up? – Weather Improvement

Weather Improvement

The temperature has dropped a few degrees believe or not, this makes a great difference to us as well as for birds. The rain has reduced their frequency to just summer storms that do not last very long.

The result of these changes has been very beneficial to the birds because they can remain in the open for longer time and seek their meals, the avian traffic is more frequent, I should also add that seed consumption has risen considerably.

I am very happy to see Ruby-throated Hummingbirds back to my backyard. For a while I thought I wasn’t going to see them this year.

I have noticed many Brown-headed Cowbirds almost daily but…only females! Is it that they are on a mission? They might be there to lay eggs in other bird’s nests. No?

The various members of House Finch families are always around to add a little more red color to the view.

Photo Gallery

Here is one of many visitors flying around this time of the year. How about if you tell me the insect’s name.

Β© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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