What’s Up? – Duck Day

Duck Day

My son Tyler (8) and I went out to photograph ducks at a pond in a park not far from our home. Tyler brought his own camera so did I and out we went. The sun was burning really hard, most ducks and geese were hiding or sheltering from the intense direct sunlight. We actually needed the duck to be in the water somehow, smartly, we had prepared for the occasion… we brought some lettuce and lured the avians to more open location in the pond.

We spent over an hour at the park and then returned home. Tyler didn’t shoot many pictures but he did well.

My Photo Gallery shows some samples of what we saw. (Only my photos) Enjoy!

Photo Gallery

Please click image to enlarge


Muscovy Duck (M)

Muscovy Duck (F)

Domestic Goose (M)

Mallard Duck (M)

Mallard Ducklings

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Duck Day

  1. I’ve never heard of using lettuce to lure duckies. Of course it should work — it’s a great alternative to bread, which isn’t really good for them. When there are babies around, I’ve used rolled oats, too. They’re so light that they’ll float for a bit, and the young ones can grab them more easily.

    • It’s forbidden to feed ducks any bread by rules set by the Park was you said ” Isn’t really good for them” It’s true for little birds too! Thank you Linda for your sharing . 🙂

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