What’s Up? – Words and Photos

Words and Photos

I‘m starting to think that our weather has gotten stuck into the same repetitious mode of Rain-Heat. It rains hard and plenty then stops and the heat takes over, going over 90º’s almost daily. It’s hard on everybody, for humans and animals alike. I’m trying to avoid being exposed to the sun in the possible. That action by itself  works against somebody used to shoot pictures outdoors but being exposed to the sun is a risk, according to the Doctors.

Photography is my main hobby, not my profession. Neither is being a writer. (Clarifying)

My posts being  published daily are only like short reports of what I see in my backyard but are not stories based on fiction or anything else. They are just a few words to accompany my photographs, published for my friends-followers.

My format will be a bit different starting this post. I’ll post larger and better quality photos, brief  narrations. I want you to enjoy my avian friends, the main subjects of this Blog.

Photo Gallery

Please click on images for enlargement

Common Grackle (J)

European Starling

Red-winged Blackbird (M)

Mourning Doves

House Finch (J)

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

18 thoughts on “What’s Up? – Words and Photos

  1. Awesome! Everybody, do click on the images to be simply astounded. And brief narrations are always nice. A WordPress blogger told me that he is going to unfollow any photo blog that posts just one picture, or has no narration. He said,

    “Don’t waste my time for one picture. Many bloggers post one picture and it may not even be worth posting. Give me some substance … tell me a story. Sometimes, I don’t get the point, or even know what I’m looking at. A few words can make even the starkest image more interesting.”

    I would only add that “brief” narration is the key otherwise it becomes an essay. The images should always be the “focus” of attention. Tip: If you display Related Posts on your blog, I have been advised by WordPress that a post must contain at least 100 words in order to be cached and displayed so I always include a 100-word narrative with my photos.

    • Thanks David! I’m glad that you, kind of extended the idea of what I had in mind to make some changes when I publish my daily post. I need to simplify my text and improve my images quality. For the benefit of my followers. 🙂

      • I need to make a correction regarding Related Posts. WordPress requires that a post be at least 500 bytes (about 100 words) in order to be cached and displayed. That’s why I started adding short narratives to my photos although I do post an occasional article.

        Here’s the mistake I made. A photo can easily exceed 500 bytes of information. My pictures, for example, are typically 1000 kilobytes (or one million bytes). That’s why you can simply post an image and it will be cached and displayed as a Related Post. I failed to understand that photos count as bytes of information.

        Still, a short narration is always appreciated, and there are some photo blogs that have an essay format — travel blogs, for instance — and that’s fine, too.

  2. Great move HJ. Take people with you on your journey, whether it be birds in your garden, special species you are interested in… Some text and your best quality images hold our interest and keep us coming back. I reckon posting every day is hard work though!

    • Thank you Chris! This blog is part of my hobby, I publish posts daily but I’m pushing myself sometimes because it takes a lot of my time. I love Photography and I love my backyard’s birds, but I have so much to do daily that I need more time for my own income obligations. I think I may have to shorten the days I publish to maybe 3 or 4 times a week! I need more input from a person that has been there to help me. Would you? You may write to me via email if possible. 🙂

      • I’ve blogged for over ten years, and managed six blogs at one time on Blogger and WordPress. I took a year off and now devote my time to the photo blog. I may post once a week or once a month.

        Only a few photo blogs that I follow post daily, or on a regular schedule. The quality of work is not always consistent, and it seems that keeping to a schedule may be a detriment to creativity. I know that WordPress recommends posting on a regular schedule, but inspiration doesn’t necessarily flow according to a timetable.

        One of my favorite photo blogs only posts once a month, if that often, but his images are jaw dropping. It’s a pleasure to see a notification for his latest post, and worth waiting for. Quality over quantity is a pretty good formula.

    • This theme has only one setting for the fonts. I originally had the same concept but then I brightened my screen and have no problem with it. Apparently most people can read it too. I’ve been looking for a plug-in to allow me to edit the WP theme font color program to make it easy for everyone. Thank you Susanne! 🙂

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