What’s Up? – The Next Generation

The Next Generation

Today’s post is dedicated to the fledglings and juveniles of the season~ The New Generation.

Most birds that have nested in my backyard have mated, laid eggs, incubated etc. The whole nine yards! Now we are looking at the newly fledged birds of several species, going around the feeders with parents or without them, depending on their age.

To see them learning and developing day by day is very rewarding to me, just the fact that they are the continuation of the species for posterity. I feel that I contributed to Nature’s cause somehow, even when they are not my own species.

There are more birds that had family but I haven’t been able to take any pictures yet. We’ve had many rainy days because the Sub Tropical Storm “Alberto” that hit the North side of Florida. Result of wind blowing in our direction. Fortunately, no big deal for us.

Photo Gallery

14 thoughts on “What’s Up? – The Next Generation

    • This is my 9th year having the birds in my care, 12 years nesting in my backyard. I’m still amazed by their new family! Thank you Linda. 🙂

    • It’s a mutual deal with them, I feed them, they pose for my photos! It works pretty good! Thanks dear Susan! 🙂

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