Book Review – #43


Author: Richard Sale & Per Michelsen

Publisher: Princeton University Press


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“This pocket guide that I’m supposed to review,  really surprised me because, honestly, I never expected the Arctic to have such a variety of different wildlife species. I decided to try a little test with several people I’m friends with. I asked to tell me, how many species of any kind live in the Arctic?. The answers were limited at no more than six species per person. Then I showed them the guide written by authors Richard Sale and Per Michelsen and the general reaction was: Wow! (Same as mine)

  • 335 pages total
  • 800 color photographs
  • Over 250 bird species
  • 60 land mammals
  • 30 seals and whales
  • Information on fish, insects, plants and lichens

Not very long ago, information about its wildlife was limited. The advance of modern Technology through the years, has given us the tools to reach, explore, study and increase our knowledge. The Arctic is actually vibrant and filled with wildlife. This guide explains in detail all about them in comprehensive and clear manner. It does satisfy our curiosity of Nature in so remotely a location in the world.”

Reviewed by:

H.J. Ruiz – – Aprill 26th, 2018

© HJ Ruiz

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