Panoramic View of Birds – Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal  (M)

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© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

11 thoughts on “Panoramic View of Birds – Northern Cardinal

  1. Una tonalità di rosso, che non si può dimenticare, contraddistingue questo bel volatile…
    Un saluto,silvia

  2. The cardinal has remained a favorite bird since the days when it was our high school mascot. Today’s a “red letter” day — there’s one on my balcony, working over the peanuts in the shell I put out for the bluejays. Since we’re heavier on palm trees and water than brushy cover, I rarely see a cardinal, but there it is — as lively and pretty as your photo.

    • The cardinals have been my friends for the past 12 years since my house was built in Georgia. I see them daily and never tire to see them bright and full of life.
      Thank you Linda for sharing. 🙂

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