What’s Up?

Happy Days…

It has been  a few days of doing many things at home and about. To start, it was my birthday and five days later it was Tyler’s birthday.

For me it’s just like any regular day but I couldn’t stop Lucy and Tyler to bake me a cake and blow one candle at breakfast time. It was good to have only one candle on the cake otherwise if we had the real number we could’ve incurred into a unstoppable blaze!

For Tyler things were much different, he had a birthday party at school with his classroom friends. He came home with some birthday gifts and happy for he had a lot of fun. He also went out to the movies with some friends. He was happy about that too. I grilled some delicious meat for Lucy and Tyler, he loves to eat hamburgers! Lucy and I love flank steak and I grilled a mean supper delicious piece…I’m drooling on my keyboard now!

Before Tyler’s birthday I painted his room and we rearranged it with new furniture, he loves it ! He’s acting very mature now…he says! After all he’s 7 y.o. now!

Although I had a great deal of fun, doing many great things around the house and inside, I had to wear long sleeve shirts for the reason of some nasty poison oak on my right arm. I’m well now but I felt very uncomfortable while the poisoned skin was affected.

My birds have been very active because the weather has improved to a point of ideal for plants, grass, flowers, trees etc. Everything is green and colorful my shrubs are looking their best, also my trees. All these favorable changes make me happy! The bird families  in my backyard  have increased their numbers and all look full of health!

These are the birds that accompanied us during our birthdays!


© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


16 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to you and Tyler!

    You two sound like my daughter and I. First is my birthday, and 5 days later is her birthday. Which is tomorrow! I’m baking her a cake today. 🙂
    I hope the poison oak heals quickly, and isn’t too uncomfortable. I’m not allergic to it, but avoid it as though I were. I have heard ones natural immunity to it can wear off if exposed to it over time.

    The variety of birds you having visiting is amazing. I do enjoy your birds.

    • Happy belated Birthday Deborah! What a coincident! The poison oak reaction lasted exactly 2 weeks but the itching and pain only about three days. I combated it with good medicine for those cases. It really help very much for quick healing. Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  2. I sure enjoyed the special moments, HJ, the birthday celebrations, the ups and downs, and the large array of birds who accompany you each day. My brightest wishes for a great new year.

    • Can I ask life for anything else?…I have it made girl!
      Thank you my dear friend, I enjoy your words always! 🙂

  3. I reiterate everything everyone has said above, I’m perplexed as to what I can add to it. Other than I envy you your Brown-Headed Nuthatch. Happy Birthday and I hope the poison oak is gone by the time you read this!

    • One, two. three…Puff! The poison oak is gone my friend! Thank you for your good wishes. The Brown-headed Nuthatch stays here with its family! 🙂

  4. You have certainly had a very busy time, decorating and working in your yard. I am glad you are recovering well from your poison oak damage and a belated happy birthday to you and to Tyler! What a lot of beautiful birds in your yard!

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