Book Review # 36

The New Neotropical Companion

Author:  John Richer

Publisher: Princeton University Press 


“I’ve been reading The New Neotropical Companion written by Professor John Kricher (Biology at Wheaton College. It’s a 432 pages rich in knowledge converted to words and photographs.

He has made a compilation of important information referent to Ecology and the natural Neotropical areas of the western hemisphere. The book covers the American Tropical areas, as well as the Neotropical areas starting with the Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas, Bermuda the Antilles, including West Indies and Abaco, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Martinique and Cuba.

Rain Forests, Jungles, Tropical Forests are explained in a comprehensive language. The book also continues to describe with great detail the richness of wildlife of the Tropic areas of the Amazonia in South America. The abundance of wildlife in the Amazonia  with so many species animals and plants are the subject of a great deal of information for any reader with interest in Nature, especially when it comes to species of the New World.”

Reviewed by HJ Ruiz – – April 17th, 2017


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