What’s Up?

Spring Sprang!

Now that weather is improving and moving forward into Spring, the influx of birds is continuos. It’s encouraging to see flocks flying across the sky of birds early in the morning. Each going on different directions perhaps returning to their preferred locations. It’s all as planned by Nature!

Brown-headed Cowbirds are back in town! Always hungry and desperate for food! By now I know well how they behave and I’m aware of their feeding manners, broken dishes, dirty surroundings and never enough seeds for them!

My Northern Mockingbirds, never left, they are the local Law & Order in this area. Of course contrary to the cowbirds, they only eat the peanuts from the feeders, they love berries and even more the worms, insects, grubs etc. Proteins to be strong and in good health. I like these guys!


I will not blog while on vacation starting  Saturday April 1st ’till Saturday April 8th …day I’ll resume blogging.

I’ll be on vacation with wife Lucy and son Tyler (I bought him a new camera!)

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


22 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Caught you in time, HJ! Happy vacation with your family! Is Tyler an avid avian enthusiast too? I am back on my blog….new comp n all, so I will catch you soon! Take care! Regards, A.

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