Book Review

Birds of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East

– A Photographic Guide

Authors: Frederic Jiguet & Aurelien Audevard

Translator: Tony Williams


“This fantastic photographic guide is going to make many of my birder friends  in Europe and Middle East happy plus some in North Africa…Why? Because this guide (448 pages) has 2200 stunning photographs displaying a total of 860 species! I wish I had this guide to help me during my past trips to those areas.

The authors have taken in consideration the importance of a photo guide as I believe, “A picture is worth a thousand words” hence the plethora of great photos. The descriptions and brief paragraphs with pertinent information about the specie is there written in simple and clear language. Going through the pages of this guide I found by mere curiosity that the entire 2200 pictures of the birds, the species are oriented facing the right except the one on the cover. It makes sense because most people are right handed a have the tendency to  feel more comfortable with seeing and reading oriented to the right.

The images displayed are all of great quality and in full color. I can comfortably say that this guide is an essential tool for reference when birding in any of the locations mentioned above. A must get guide!!”

Reviewed by:  H.J. Ruiz – March 21st 2017 –

Princeton University Press

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