What’s Up?

Stormy Night

Our weather is still crazy but it’s giving signs of improvement… with comfortable temperatures in the afternoon and being sunny for longer time. A couple of nights ago we had a very strong storm. Loud thunders, lots of lightening and  heavy raining. Even my son Tyler (6) said this the following morning, “we had a noisy night!”. He was absolutely right about that!

However, this morning was placid and the sky showed more blue space with no signs of gray clouds. While Tyler and I waited in the corner for his school bus, we both watched the bird traffic in the sky and some of them going from tree to tree. You’d be surprise of which birds we identified.

  • Four American Crows on the road plus 2 flying across high in the sky.
  • Approximate 12 Brown-headed Cowbirds in a flock flying high.
  • Northern Mockingbirds: Two on the roof, house in the corner across from me. One  about 2 ft. from a nest on tree and 2 in a holly plant, same house.
  • Two Canada Geese flying honking their way through (noisy dudes)

As you can see, things are taking shape into a normal Spring, I better stock up on my bird’s seeds!

Blue Jays are getting used to come and feed themselves in my backyard lately, they are “tough cookies” with the small birds. They bully they way to the feeders and get the peanuts ahead of everybody!

Northern Mockingbirds are the Law in my backyard, they can handle birds like the blue jays easily. They are fearless birds, I admire that of them!

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


16 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Beautiful captures, H.J.! I am happy your weather has improved, so has ours. I agree Mockingbirds are fearless, we have many of them now in our yard 🙂

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