What’s Up?

Now that we are two days into year 2017, our Country’s weather is totally crazy because the icy wind that comes down from the Arctic is still strong, dumping large amounts of snow to the north from West to East Coast States.

In Georgia we are partially protected from getting  snow by a warm humid air current from the tropics. However, this can change randomly, we might get cold air or  a great deal of rain, all depends of how strong the warm air is pushing north.

Note: Of course…the warm air current mixing with the cold one, might produce violent tornados. We aware of that and keep people alerted.

The bottom line is…you could get a very cold morning, warmer afternoon, rainy evening, then windy and ice cold night. Isn’t it fun?

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Beautiful House Finch shots! They’re not sitting still long enough in my yard. We’ve had a respite of warmer weather, even rain, but word has it we’re plunging back into the Polar Vortex slippage again. The days…are getting longer. (Hope springs eternal.)

  2. I agree with Donna. Very nice lighting.
    I’m wondering how you got the bird’s eye showing up so well as the images are obviously backlit with the sun. I’ve tried reducing the shadows in PP with similar images and they don’t work out even half as good as the light in your images.

    • The bird is facing the back side of my house, which is reflecting the sun light brightly.There are trees far behind the bird. The open f/stop blurs and darkens the background. The walls from the house bounces the light directly to the bird’s body and eyes! Thanks Vicki for asking. 🙂

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