What’s Up?

On Sunday we had some rain. The sky was grey and foggy for a while, then later opened up to just gray. I figured that most likely would continue to rain.

I wasn’t planning to shoot pictures because there were no birds for hours. I was in my office when suddenly there was some commotion on the roof and the backyard, sounded like heavy rain or perhaps sleet!  I looked outside the window…there were hundreds of dark birds  all over the lawn, deck, everywhere! They were Grackles, I ran to set up my camera but as soon as they saw me the birds got spooked and took flight. I waited for a few minutes and another group (smaller than the previous) landed on my deck and proceded to eat all they could. I took some shots of them but they didn’t stay too long. Most likely that these birds too are flying south to a warmer place. Especially when we are being hit with a nasty cold vortex from the north.

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

14 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. What a great opportunity to capture birds close-up. The images look great. And what an amazing sight with so many.

    I find if I put my cameras (any of 3 including a long lens) on my desk with the caps off, the birds stay away. If I pack them in their cases to prevent dust, the birds land on my balcony and my fumbling behind my chair to pull out a camera, spooks the birds away) 🙂

    • Most times I set my camera on the tripod, cap on but I cover the camera with a towel. You save some time but there’s nothing you can do if the birds get spooked. Thanks for sharing Vicki. 🙂

  2. Perhaps it was Santa and his reindeer, and the grackles were just riding along on the sleigh? However they came through, what a thrill to get two large flocks! They know where to find paradise.

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