Britain’s Birds – Book Review

Britain’s Birds An Identification guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland

Authors: Rob Hume, Rober Still, Andy Swash, Hugh Harrop and David Tipling

Publication:  Princeton University Press

Book Review


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“This guide for identification of birds of Britain and Ireland is 560 pages of total pertaining information such as: Name of the bird, scientific name, approximate size of the bird, species status, complete description of main characteristics for fast ID, locations, voice and other important information to familiarize the reader to the bird.

All of the mentioned information are explained in clear and comprehensive language for either an amateur or professional reader. A whopping 3200 color pictures leave no questions unanswered between the description and the photographs. These authors have figured out the best and easiest way to do the job, which is helping the reader to obtain the best way to identify any of the species of birds in Britain or Ireland. I was very impressed by the fluid way the description and main key characteristics of the species give you the correct  ID. I’m sure that my friends from Britain and Ireland will be happy to know about this well written guide and even more when they read it. I recommend it!”

Reviewed by: H.J. Ruiz – – September 3rd, 2016

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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