Mac Attack

Believe it or not, I’ve been working very hard since my MacBook started acting up. The problem got worse to a point that I wasn’t sure if I could have the Mac working before I received a new iMac and migrate all the info. I could get only a few minutes out at the time from the old Mac. It would heat up and then shut off. So I transferred a few files here and there, I spent many hours of boring work, luckily I retrieved most of the data and image archives using an auxiliary hard drive. It’s not easy under these conditions. I’ve done migrations before, but with no problems whatsoever. Now I’m organizing my files from the ground up and will be back in business soon or so I hope… Sigh.

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23 thoughts on “Mac Attack

  1. My MacBook is giving me a hard time too. It’s in the care unit in the Applestore for the second time in less than two weeks. I’m getting grey and red stripes on the screen and this is an issue well known by Apple and therefor they have extended the warranty several times, the graphic card is creating problems. The biggest problem though, is that the MacBook seem to work alright once they proof it. I’m so fed up with this that I’m serously thinking about getting a computer again next. Anyway, I’m glad you managed to retrieve most of your work.

    • A couple of years ago, my MacBook Pro went kaput and I took it to Apple since there was nothing I could do to fix it or retrieve the data. For $99 they extracted all the data from the damaged HD and after replacement of it they restored the data. I did not lose any data. If I didn’t do that I would’ve lost everything. This time the MacBook Pro gave me a long agonizing time for me to do most of the retrieving. Thanks for sharing Dina. 🙂

  2. Yikes, sorry to hear about your MacBook problems! I hope it’s not contagious. I’ve only had my Mac since 2013. Maybe it’s time to start religiously backing up early to an external drive. Glad you didn’t lose your photos.

    • With the computer migration I have improved the quality to a new one and the latest image editors along with it. I’m feeling like a bird with a new plumage and nowhere to go! 😉 Thank you Jet!

  3. Oh my god HJ, the horror sounds all too familiar! I am still sitting without a new mac….hope your work and everything is all sorted soon. Luckily all my files too were backed up in time . Otherwise i would have died!!!

    • It’s essential that anyone with heavy usage of computers, back up all the work. Many years ago I lost a great deal of images from my travels,
      professional data transcripts and many other files, but it was because of a global PC virus that infected my computers. Then I switched to Apple, plus back up. Thanks for sharing A.! I’m glad to hear from you! 🙂

      • I know HJ, its always better to be safe than sorry. Even as i say this, i recently lost some good artworks on my laptop which i was making do with. However i have the hi res jpegs, and its nothing professional so its ok…each day i am hunting for new ways to save my files in any which way and place i can – like my daughters laptop, my sons laptop, two external hard drives, two usb’s, data cards, cloud drives, etc etc…..and maybe i will discover some more innovative ways to save them eventually 😀 : D I hope all your data is sorted now and is safe. Take care, HJ!

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