Bird Brain – Book Review

BIRD BRAIN  An exploration of Avian Intelligence

Author: Nathan Emery

Publication Date: September 14th, 2016


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“I was very satisfied after reading the book entitled: Bird Brain, written by author Nathan Emery. It’s not every day you read about studies and exploratory experiments done by Scientists. The goal is to learn what’s going on in the bird’s brain. They tested different birds, their behavior and degree of intelligence, thus, they’ve been able to answer some of the questions pertaining to avian’s ability to figure out solutions for the problems in their daily life.
This book is brief but makes clear with certainty that a variety of avians show proof of intelligent. The studies  described on this book are written in clear language also accompanied by photos and illustrations of high quality. Complete clarity of the concepts covered in each case take the reader to a total comprehension of the findings explained there. It is really fascinating to read and learn more deeply how these birds have evolved and are not mere simple pretty birds we see flying around in our backyards. I’m convinced that reading this book will make you feel closer to your avian friends”

Book Review by H.J. Ruiz – Avian101.wordpress

© HJ Ruiz

9 thoughts on “Bird Brain – Book Review

  1. This book sounded interesting, so I checked my library’s catalogue and found a similar book about the cognitive behaviour of Australian native birds called ‘Bird Minds’. It was published only last year by a scientific imprint – looking forward to it. Thanks HJ.

    • This book dispels the erroneous concept that birds are dumb. I liked reading this publication. Thanks to you Christine! 🙂

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