What’s Up?

Hot Summer’s days

The weather is perfectly bright and sunny to do outdoor activities, there’s a catch though, you can do the activities only for a short period of time under the sun, then you must take a break and hydrate yourself because you risk your health if you don’t take the proper precautions. I imagine that these conditions may have the same effects to avians. I’ve observed some of them and noticed some changes such as:

Young house finches, usually are pacific and subject to the parents ways and learned lessons as fledgling age, they are acting more feisty and aggressive at the feeders.

Eastern towhees are very shy and covertly birds, they rarely share other birds company or forage in open fields where are exposed to any potential attack by predators of any kind. They are more daring or perhaps are neglecting their own safety. Is it because of the heat?E-0415

This little fellow is the Brown-headed Nuthatch, I see it going for seeds regardless of what other birds are present, Its behavior similar to the towhee’s.E-0416

The number of female brown-headed cowbirds is larger compared to previous year. I do not know why this is happening nor if it’s local or global.E-0417

Many young birds are in process of completing their plumage and reaching adulthood. The poor things look so puny and plain…but just wait when they get their full plumage! They will stun you with their beauty!

Lastly, the “Accidental Tourist” Oy!E-0420

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

9 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. The last picture made me laugh. When it’s feeding time here, we have to chase one particular squirrel we lovingly call ‘Fatso’. Any secrets to keeping them off the feeders?

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