Birds of Western Ecuador – Book Review

Birds of Western EcuadorA Photographic Guide

Authors: Nick Athanas and Paul J. Greenfield

Book Review

Note: This Photographic Guide will be published by Princeton University Press: June 22nd, 2016.


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“After reading a dozen or so pages of this guide, I realized that I’ve found a very interestingly simple yet effective guide, one of the best I’ve reviewed, of course I  couldn’t help reading all of them!. Absolutely no-nonsense approach. On the left page you can find a graphic map of the area where to find the bird in reference. Next to the map is the bird’s name followed by the  binomial scientific name and size in centimeters and inches. What follows is the elevation where is found or precise locations. The most essential information and brief description, plus any particular behavior, migratory habits, feeding, breeding, nesting and other interesting subjects give the reader a good idea of what the bird’s life and habits are. On the right side page we find color photos of the birds, sharp and well defined to make IDs easy to anyone. With an approximate 1500 photos, this photographic guide is a tremendous help to any amateur or seasoned birder, because it simplifies the slow process of bird ID. This guide covers information of 946 species! I was very impressed by this guide, I wished I had it a few years back! “

Review written by: H.J. Ruiz, June 15th, 2016

© HJ Ruiz- Avian101

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