What’s Up?

The perfect weekend

The past weekend was perfect in every aspect for working outdoors. I can’t complaint at all about the weather – it was sunny, warm yet comfortable with a cool soothing breeze to make hard work be easy! I had several projects on my list.

  • My first job was repairing the old birdhouse that was damaged. It took a while to repair the birdhouse because it’s old and weather deteriorated, plus it was covered with moss. It really needed a great deal of scraping, sanding, reinforcing all parts and of course restoring the broken roof.

    The photo shows the birdhouse before I varnished it. I haven’t installed it yet, along with the fancy new  green birdhouse (Next project)

  • I had two little birdhouses I bought unfinished, now they are painted with acrylic paint and clear varnish.

    I sketched a small plan for what I was going to do in case that you wonder about my project. I proceeded to install the two houses in the lower part of the backyard.


    One birdhouse had a visitor!

I had my entire lawn mowed and trimmed. At the end of the weekend I felt tired but very satisfied to have accomplished so many things I had planned to do such as going shopping, cutting the wood, digging holes for the posts, etc. But who’s complaining?

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

15 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. You’ve been a busy bee, as they say. Wonderful work, they all look stunning HJ…Yes there are chicks in bird nests by me. I wish you more happy weekends 😊

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