What’s Up?

Previously, in the past few weeks I mentioned that a couple of Eastern Bluebirds were inspecting a bird house in my backyard and for a fews days they were trying to decide for staying and soon later I saw them going in and out of the vacant house with nest material. I simply assumed that they would stay, just as it had happened in previous seasons. One day I felt like observing the new tenants and in short time I noticed that something was going on in my bird community. The birds were acting very peculiar, different from the bird usual patterns of behavior. I have been pondering for a while before I decided to write this post because I wanted to study a bit of what I observed and the images I had shot. camera.

Note: The couple of Eastern Bluebirds are not nesting the bird house since that day, it has been vacant and I haven’t seen those birds again.

What did I see?

That day, like any other I was taking a look at the birds that are flying around  to see what would inspire me to shoot some pictures. It was not not difficult to see a male Eastern Bluebird, up on a tree branch about five feet from the bird house, where the female was perched on the roof and kept going in and out of the house, but not leaving the area. So far nothing was out of the normal. However things changed when I took my camera and observed through my long lens of the camera. While I shot some pictures I also noticed with my peripheral vision some movement in the vicinity of the main subjects. The background was dark but I could see other birds  starting to gather closer, that was weird, I had never seen that before. The group of birds were staring at the couple of bluebirds. I panned the camera around and saw birds looking nervous and not looking happy. I do not know the reason why, only a suspicion that this couple was shunned from our area and they had to leave. I have known the Eastern Bluebirds for some years, my learned opinion based on my previous observations is that they are extremely beautiful birds but I never loved them because they raid other nests to steal and eat the eggs. I don’t care, what other my think about them, they are not such friendly species. I guess my birds knew that too. By principal I will never deny shelter or food to any birds. However, one learn to love some species  more than others.

Photo Sequence

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

16 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. H.J., are you able to see if she had in fact, nested? I would be saddened to think she had to abandon her unborn because the other birds didn’t want her there. I hope she wasn’t invading another’s nest. Ah, the bird life….

    • You don’t have to worry about that Dorinda. They did not have enough time for building a nest, just brought a few twigs that is not considered as a nest. Perhaps it was for the best at this time. Thanks for your concern dear. 🙂

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