What’s Up?

This post is more like a report of what’s been happening in my backyard. And of course, I’ve been very busy working outside also, trimming shrubs, grasses, lawns etc. You have no idea the amount of pollen that is floating in the air this days. It’s like a mist that later settles and covers everything!. Let me tell you, that pollen is an itching torture for any nose or eyes.

— o —

A few days ago I found my favorite bird house that I have it like 9 years damaged (see photo A). This is the first time that happens in all these years! Description of damage: The eaves on the top alcove was ripped open to gain access. The nest built inside was outside on the ground, empty and torn apart. This was occupied by one C. Chickadee (photo B) family unfortunately.

My question was, what kind of animal would have the strength and the stealth to do that kind of damage?. Any cat would not go through the motion of ripping wood, since they can easily stalk and pounce at any time. I discounted squirrels or snakes too, neither dogs or crows. i was puzzled by this event. Just the following day after my discovery of the damaged bird house I was shooting some pictures of my birds when I saw a large hawk flying low between the trees. It wasn’t a Cooper’s Hawk! It had a rust red body and tail, light color breast. It was a Red-tailed Hawk, I couldn’t shoot a picture because he continued flight out of my reach. I could conclude from seeing this visitor I had found my culprit!

Moving to happier events, if there’s something more endearing and beautiful you have to see this photo series of a House Finch father feeding one his fledgling chicks. Enjoy this image gallery.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

12 thoughts on “What’s Up?

    • They have the tools for it! Strong beak and talons! That bird house is an antique and I’ll try to repair it. Thanks Susan! 🙂

  1. Wow, that is something, to have a Red-Tail attacking a bird house like that. Too bad you couldn’t get its picture, you could have turned it in…! I love the sequence of photos with the House Finches. So funny, I can almost imagine what they’re saying. 🙂

    • Thank you Clare! I’ll see if I can fix it this weekend. If it doesn’t rain. We are expecting a big storm early in a morning. 🙂

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