Look Outside my Window!

The weather is in the warm and comfortable side, I’m done with the sick puppy health I had and I’m back shooting pictures for my friends…

Welcome my dear friends, my window is ready for you to take a look outside! Over there! On the deck’s handrail, at the feeder, one Brown-headed Cowbird (M) and a Red-winged Blackbird, also male. They are sharing a meal of delicious seeds, courtesy of HJ!L-187

My friend, the Northern Mockingbird stands high on that branch, keeping an eye on what’s going on out there in the backyard which it is under his responsibility as the bonafide Sheriff!L-188

There on the left side on top of the feeder hanger, she’s a fledgeling female Northern Cardinal. There are several cardinal families living in my backyard all year round. I can hardly keep up with them or even try to give them names. This little beauty will grow to be a total stunning lady, I’m sure of that!L-189

Now, that’s a beautiful scene up there! Father House Finch and the young fledgeling! The finches are fantastic parents that I always admire more that other species, their dedication and nurturing goes to lengths when it comes to their brood.L-190

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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