Look Outside my Window!

Hello my friends! As always, you’re welcome to look outside my window. Our weather is still acting weird, the other day we were having a beautiful mild sunny one, then later was turned cold like winter by gusty winds. Later yet about midnight, we had a very strong electric storm followed by a nasty heavy rainfall. All these kept me awaken for great part of the night. The next day I saw the news on TV with tornado activity all around our area on the map of Georgia.

The following morning was cold just like winter again. Oh well!

Look over to the left, can you see that handsome male Red-winged Blackbird? Isn’t he a perfect looking bird? RWBs are coming to eat everyday in groups and they are all over making their “macho calls” and showing off their red shoulder epaulettes. I haven’t seen any females yet!L-178

Look to the middle, above the deck! One of my precious male Northern Cardinals. I’ve been blessed by having several families of cardinals nesting and roosting in my backyard. They are my most attractive birds, the favorites of many. It’s easy to know why, just look at them!L-179

On the deck railing! See that male House Finch? That’s the “other red bird” as many call them. They too are beautiful, especially the males. I like them a lot too. They are very united as family and dedicated 100% to their brood. Good guys!L-180

The two Chipping Sparrows at the feeder are picking on the young House Finch which is still sporting the large eyebrows that look like horns. There’s no animosity whatsoever it’s just like children’s brat behavior.L-181

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


13 thoughts on “Look Outside my Window!

  1. Winter is really fighting Spring this year. It’s warm and sunny here for a few days then we’re back to gray, windy, rainy days. I won’t complain though we need the rain so badly here.

    What a great variety of birds you have coming to visit! I love the Cardinals best, but the RWB are quite lovely too!

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