Look Outside my Window!

Welcome my dear friends, I’m happy to be with you and look outside my window. Let’s start with the Chipping Sparrow peeking from the hanging feeder on the left. He looks very healthy and vivacious, enjoying his meals in a balmy bright day.L-173

There’s a Field Sparrow getting ready to fly down to one of the feeders on the deck. He too looks pretty well eager to get his favorite seeds. These little birds are frequent visitors as you must know already.L-174

The next fellow up on a branch is a known favorite of many, the Carolina Chickadee you see there is gathering food for the mate which most likely be nesting. The chickadee depicted here has a peanut and it’s getting ready fly back to the nest. These birds are full of energy and work very hard all day long.L-175

Can you see the red bird up there? That’s a male House Finch, he’s waiting patiently to make sure that everything is safe before engaging to feed with his family. Good father don’t you think?L-176

This time I was fortunate to capture a photo of this lovely couple of Brown-headed Nuthatchs. These very elusive birds are a bit hard to photograph and more even when they are couples. Here they are for you!L-177

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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