Look Outside my Window!

After having some wonderful, bright and warm days we have been hit again with cold weather! I’m not kidding! This is getting boring already! Good thing that I worked outside all day Saturday and got a lot accomplished. Then soon after I finished, a cold wind started to blow and an hour later we were back to winter and had to wear long sleeve shirts again. 

Welcome my dear friends, I have my window wide open, ready to look outside, it’s bright but in the cool side, regardless, we’ll be able to see the birds, just like that Northern Mockingbird next to the feeder on the right. He loves to be the first one to eat a couple of peanuts and then he’ll fly to a high point and watch from there.L-145

The Field Sparrow is fighting the wind to stay perched without being blown off. The wind gusts can do that, blow the birds by surprise and hit any objects from the surrounding area. I’ve seen that happened several times! L-146

Mourning Doves are very consistent about showing up to the feeders, they never miss a day!  I guess they can’t control their appetite and always show up for meals.L-147

For this uninvited guest… the darned squirrel!  I’m getting a bit annoyed because, not only eats a lot of seeds, also leaves a great mess all over the deck! This happens because it seats for long time peeling and eating the seeds, even when I shoo it away, five minutes later it is back to do the same! Grrr!

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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