Is Love… a Contest?

Whether we talk about  love between humans or animals in general we end up taking about competition! The mating game kicks in to create competition and get a winner which will be the one mating with the potential breeder of the next generation.

I was watching at a great gathering of sea birds while in Peru, the ocean has created large pools of sea water but being shallow pools it propitiate the growth of small fish, crustaceans and algae. These pools are teeming with several species of seagulls, seabirds and wading birds. Among the thousands of birds I noticed a whole semi drama going on with a trio of Snowy Egrets, which I could easily spot as two males and one female. I will not narrate what transpire from this event but I’m going to let the pictures show the sequence of the actions during those moments…you figure it out!

Photo Gallery

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


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