Back to the Grind

It has been a busy month being away in Peru. My wife Lucy and son Tyler were with me for the trip and throughout the first two weeks. We visited several places in Lima the Capital of Peru and definitely had a great time. At the end of the second week Lucy and Tyler returned home in Georgia. I stayed in Lima were I had very important meetings scheduled with several important people for conversations of important issues that are causing worries to the Indigenous Tribes in Peru. Any time left I dedicated to bird photography but only in Lima.However, my previous experience and studies about Peruvian indigenous people of the jungle landed me a visit to the Peru’s Presidential Palace. Topics: (Potential problems for the tribes such as illegal mining, drug cartel slaving, new tribes facing civilization)

Then it was added the emergency procedures for damages and restoring lost infrastructure that may impact the flow of products (Minerals, fruits, produce, woods, etc.) coming from the highlands and jungle making a dent in the Country’s Economy. The fact that mudslides, the result of continuous raining in the highlands has intensified compared to previous seasons.

The El Nino warm ocean current is in effect right now and it’s estimated to be stronger than before.

I was fortunate to be a guest of a high ranked government official and was treated like a king. No complaints!

During my free time I took my camera equipment to several places and got some pretty cool images, those I will be posting in the coming days.

Sea birds in Peru

Sea birds in Peru

In a rare occurrence I saw an unusual great amount of sea birds in a shallow pool of sea water. Were abundant amount of small fish live. I theorize that the warmer temperature of the ocean is not allowing anchovy fish to live and has migrated to cooler waters. I also noticed heavy surf waves and dangerous undertows making beaches red flag (Danger) areas for swimmers.

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101

20 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. First of all welcome back HJ. Sorry I was busy not saying this earlier. Then your exciting and beautiful photos. Thank you sharing them with us. More to come excites us, your followers.
    All good things to you and your family, Beth

    • Thank you very much my dear Beth. Of course I’ll share more of my new photos from the trip. It’s good to be back and hear from my friends. My best wishes to you too! 🙂

    • Thank you Susan, I enjoyed every minute of it, I didn’t have enough time even when one month would sound long time. I was very busy. 🙂

  2. Hi
    Thanks for checking in our blog; haven’t seen your name in awhile; seems you’ve been very busy Apologies for the political rambles but we are quite worried about a Trump presidency. Anyway, we see so many great birds here in Malaysia although without a car we don’t get to the best birding spots. Our favorite makes this crazy “ah-ooooo” sound all day; it’s a little black bird but such a loud mating call that carries for miles. We usually hear kingfishers but haven’t heard them during the current hot spell; maybe they migrate where it’s cooler? Anyway, thanks for checking in with us again
    Rob and Diane

    • Thank you both! Just give it a bit longer and I’m sure you’ll get the car you need! Meanwhile enjoy things the best you can. 🙂

  3. I look forward to hearing more about your Peruvian adventures, HJ. How nice to be treated well and hosted, and great that you’re contributing to the perils of the indigenous tribes.

    • There’s so much at stake for these people because they just try to survive what the modern civilization is bringing to them such as corruption, slavery, guns, drugs and the worst of all, diseases. It’s a very serious problem to be resolved.
      I was very excited about being in the house of Francisco Pizarro (1535) It’s a beauty inside out! I was very honored to have been invited. Thanks for asking Jet! 🙂

      • I spent a few days in Lima once, and yes, guns and drugs were a noticeable problem. I am sure you learned so much in your extensive visit there. And how fun to visit Pizarro’s house.

  4. What an awesome experience to be involved in with Peru and the tribes, HJ! You must feel honored! And no one can complain when treated like a king. Glad your trip was a success and you had safe travels. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Donna, I was really honored and happy to have been part of such important task. The rest was just bonus! 🙂

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