Look Outside my Window

In recant days after the snow that dusted our town, the weather temperatures have reasonably risen and the days are brighter. Those are good news locally! In the other hand I’m not so concerned because very soon I will be traveling with my family to Lima, Peru were is Summer right now! Also means that I’ll not be blogging for a while… I will explain  more details on tomorrow’s post!

Today of course, as always I open my doors to you so you can look outside my window.To your left! See that hanging feeder with the three birds? The red bird is a Northern Cardinal next to an American Goldfinch and Field Sparrow. They’re enjoying the taste of good fresh seeds. L-137

There are three House Finch members of a larger family, partaking with a male Cardinal on the deck. They have no problem to feed from the same seeds saucer. When things get tough it’s best to be humble and share with your peers.L-138

Perched up on that metal hanger is an European Starling that refused to fly South for migration, he’s always retuning to the feeders. He’s reaching adulthood (See ivory color bill) I just hope that he finds a mate for next Spring.L-139

I’m always happy to see White-throated Sparrows around again. I like them, they have a distinguished presence, especially with the bright yellow brow.L-140

Text and photographs © HJ Ruiz – Avian101

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